Industry prospects

Reduce production efficiency

As the domestic labor force is increasingly lacking, along with the continuous growth of labor costs, the traditional plug-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors become increasingly prominent shortcomings - high labor costs, low production efficiency. And replace the aluminum electrolytic capacitor with a patch to solve these problems.

Market potential

Electrolytic capacitors are the most commonly used electronic components, the market demand is very large, and the market share of aluminum electrolytic market share of the total aluminum electrolysis market share of less than 3%, and the future plug-in aluminum electrolysis will be completely eliminated, the market potential is very huge.

Data argument

In 2012, more than 85% of the plug-in aluminum electrolytic manufacturers loss, more than 10% of the manufacturers discontinued or turned to other products. The chip aluminum electrolytic market in the international situation is not very good situation, has been 5 consecutive years to maintain an average growth rate of more than 50%, the future will break through the new high. It is expected that 2013-2018 will be the burst of aluminum electrolytic market.

Electronic product trends

As the electronic products more and more small and thin, in terms of product demand, or product value-added and production efficiency point of view, the chip electrolytic capacitors will eventually completely replace the traditional plug-in electrolytic capacitors.

The pursuit of quality

In the Sino-Japanese conflict escalating environment, coupled with the continuous improvement of domestic product quality and quality advantages, the domestic brand of aluminum electrolytic capacitors to replace Japanese products will also be welcomed by the public.


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