application area

application area


Security industry

With the rapid development of science and technology, large storage capacity and high speed video and monitoring services are accelerating the trend of intelligent and multi-functional security monitoring equipment. In view of this, Rong is committed to invest in the development of better quality electronic components to meet the needs of the security industry market.


Notebook and tablet computers have become an integral part of today's life, not only in business, it is more closely related to people's daily life and leisure activities. It can reduce the size of electronic components and improve the performance and mobility of personal computers. Our low loss, energy saving electronic components, thermal protection components, low power consumption RVT series aluminum electrolytic capacitors to bring a new era of computing.

Vehicle industry

The automotive industry has been rapidly computerized and electrified in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection. The electronic components with high reliability, and the advantages of the use of the advantages of aluminum electrolysis to help the development of automotive electronic control technology, and integration of electronic products, including on-board DVD, navigation and other airborne systems. The utility model discloses an aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which has the advantages of excellent low loss and high reliability, and reduces the size of the vehicle equipment to achieve better effect. RVT series wide temperature SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be produced in the car DVD very good filtering effect, so that the equipment is smaller, more stable, more perfect sound quality.

Wisdom medical

Medical, clinical and healthcare facilities have unique requirements for electronic products: in terms of product life, certification, reliability, and compliance with stringent regulations. Let the giant has the knowledge and expertise to provide specific, long-life RVW Series SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor products through the security certification of every kind of high performance, to develop innovative and effective medical equipment, such as patient monitoring, point of care test, imaging equipment and medical hand-held computer etc..

LED drive power supply

Power supply applications, including power adapter, desktop power supply or server power supply. Passive power supply needs, must be exposed to temperature fluctuations in the environment can still maintain high product quality stability, and has a low ESR (equivalent series resistance) value and high Lianbo current ratings. This series of products of high capacitance and low equivalent series resistance (ESR) allows at high frequency remains low impedance, to support various applications in noise suppression and Lian wave absorption function. In this application, the space is the key factor, the cost and the highest efficiency for priority. The LED professional patch aluminum electrolytic capacitor series which can be developed by Rong group can play a good role.

Intelligent appliance

Energy conservation and environmental protection have become the necessary conditions for daily household appliances, such as lamps, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.. Large capacity, low loss and long life ceramic capacitors can effectively reduce the power consumption of household appliances. Giant passive components can be used to monitor the operation of household appliances, to ensure that the wisdom of the family energy management.


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