To promote the progress of communication, so that communication is more exciting.


Become a leading video technology and product suppliers, to create a dream of Kodak homes


Honesty is the basis for all our work, and we will never tolerate dishonesty


To meet customer needs is the starting point for all our work to high-quality products to win the respect of customers with satisfactory service to win the trust of customers

continue to innovate

Business is always in crisis, innovation is our body of the management mechanism of innovation is the basis of all innovation Innovative technology is to maintain the industry's leading driving force is to improve innovation is to encourage innovation to allow mistakes

Efficient implementation

Focus on results, no excuse

Quick response, immediate action

Do things well, do things thoroughly

Employees and companies grow together

Respect for every employee's company and personal interests Stake attention to staff training, to stimulate the potential of employees to identify the company's core values of the staff to create opportunities for development

Team and cooperation

The overall benefits are higher than the local interests, the team honor is higher than the individual honor frank communication and active collaboration is the basis for team success Cross-sector team is to achieve the effective form of organizational goals


Dedication, professionalism and sense of responsibility are the professionalism we advocate


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